Launch Now! Wonderful Children eBook from Muggles Press: Homework Diary of Kun


Hello ! My Name is KUN. I am a grade 5th student. My family have 4 people. Father, mother, older sister and I are live in the same house. We live in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This is 1 month homework diary for my English class and I wish teacher Tarn will give me a good score for it. Please help me to get A-Mark from teacher Tarn. Are you ready to come into my wondering world? If you said yes – I really glad to said Welcome, sir  🙂

This is the 1st joint book project between “Muggles Press” & a famous character design company named “Studio Kun“. Wanchana Intrasombat used magnificent drawing techniques and meticulously painted each illustration in deeply detail. So this book is contain lot of cute Illustrated Pictures.


Homework diary of Kun is a real life situations which see through the eyes of a 5th grade child. It’s contain lot of entertaining stories for kids, middle school students, and even adults. Hope you enjoy 🙂

For Ebook Version on amazon click here.




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